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I bet you all knew that my pictures from last year when the puppies were born would be my small pictures! They were so small and so sweet. I can hardly wait for the next litter to arrive!

These were the babies after they were delivered via cesarean section.

newbron pup

Me with one of the newborn pups.

Newborn 2

5 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo”

  1. Oh my goodness Maribeth! Which one are you holding? They were so tiny…what do you mean, the next litter??? Are you expecting more??? lol..thanks for visiting my hunt photo of the baby blanket…youre the sweetest and I always look for your comments. Happy Christmas wrapping…your shopping IS done isnt it? lol

  2. What a surprise !! I would never have thought that you would show these pictures for “small”, lol ! but I couldn’t resist either and put Rosie and Arthur when they were babies.

  3. They really are the smallest ones. And adorable. To think it has gone so long time since then… Unbelievable.

    I hope you get your wished for a new litter fulfilled. We can tell that you really are ENJOYING 😀

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