Saturday Thoughts

There is nothing worse than waiting for two week for an order of stuff you got on sale, only to find that it doesn’t fit right! After struggling with a diet and maintenance program, I am a perfect size medium. Everywhere I go, I pick up a medium and it fits perfectly. Not so this one sweater. Oh well, I am not crazy about the color now I have seen it in real life. Somehow colors look decidedly different on a computer screen.
And I ordered boots for winter. I ordered a half size larger thinking that with extra socks I would need the extra room. Well guess what? The boots are too small with just one pair of socks on! Disaster #2.
At least the third item, a shirt, size MEDIUM fits perfectly! And the color is the prettiest robins egg blue.
There is at least one up side to all of this. I didn’t have to pay for shipping, and I can return it to the local outlet store nearby. So it’s a wash monetarily.

Here is todays Happiness Challenge:
Seeing my neighbor at the Post Office, giving him a hug, (he is 87 1/2 years old) and knowing that I made his day!

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