De-Lurking Day

Hi Everyone. Once a year a whole handful of bloggers I know get together and we have a day we call De-Lurking Day.

delurking day 09

This is a day when we ask everyone who may be reading our blogs to comment. Just say hi, guten tag, bonjour, hola, ciao, or well, you get the idea.

We all love to get comments, and more than anything we love to know from what part of the world you are commenting from.

So don’t be shy, join the fun and De-Lurk!


Meanwhile, here is the latest news from New Hampshire. On Saturday night we got 8 inches of fluffy white snow. Oh how pretty!


Not when you are the one chiefly responsible for clearing the walk and pathways up. Fortunately we have a man who is plowing our 500 foot driveway while Hubby is not well, but the pathways, stairs and dackel runways, are now my responsibility. All I can say is: WOW! Pass the anti-inflammatory medication! I’ve decided that it’s time to invest in a smaller snow blower just for me to use.

We also had to pull the shades in the family room. Why, you ask? Well because we have 3 dachshunds and a German Shepherd that hop up on the sofa and watch all the snow mobiles on the lake and the barking is enough to cause permanent deafness!

The good news is that Hubby is feeling a bit better. He even got out of his chair today and took a shower and shaved, and despite my aching muscles, that alone made me smile!

Now remember to leave a little comment. It’s De-Lurking Day!!!

27 thoughts on “De-Lurking Day”

  1. So,today is De-Lurking Day. I will delurk
    I have been reading your blog for awhile.
    I am a German living in Texas, close to Austin.I have been living here for 10 years. Before that we lived all over Europe and of course in my homecountry Germany.
    There you go, I de-lurked.
    Hope your husband will feel better soon.
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Gute Nacht,
    Susanne aus Texas

  2. That’s nice that “hubby” feels better ! I just imagine the dogs barking at the snow machines, what a concert, lol ! Today is in +C and the snow is melting. It is about time because it became sooo dirty ! Nobody cleans here the sidewalks or even little streets ! It’s the law but even in front of the city hall there is frozen dirty snow and the emergency services have a lot to do with broken legs arms etc !

  3. I be here- glad to see progress. We too are white again, but I don’t have to rush to ski because the crowd will be gone.

  4. I, like Mel, really don’t need to “de-lurk” being the regular commenter that I am! šŸ™‚ I really can not believe how much snow we have had this winter! The weekend was nice on my side–M and I played cards up north with friends on Friday, and then on Saturday, visited with one of his work friends and his wife and we played Apples to Apples! Great game!

    Love you lots,


  5. On de-lurking day, shall we regulars lurk? LOL! *sung to the tune of Dr. Pepper* I’m a lurker, he’s a lurker, she’s a lurker, we’re all lurkers, wouldn’t ya like to be a lurker too? hehehe… But LOOK! Some of your lurkers HAVE come out of the shadows! Very nice! Glad to hear Hubby is doin’ a bit better. DO get a smaller snow blower. If you have outside power, I hear the electric ones are MUCH lighter!

  6. Hi Maribeth,
    I am one of your constant lurkers! I stumbled on your blog while looking for dachshund information and fell in love with your blogging style. When I realized that you were dedicated to reaching your goal weight through Weight Watchers, my loyalty to your blog was sealed!

    I live in the Opelika/Auburn Alabama area which is in the central eastern part of the state. Your pictures of snow amaze me. Down here if there are 4 snowflakes there is talk of closing the schools šŸ™‚

    I have a 2 1/2 year old mini dachshund. I have a hard time thinking of her as a mini because she is as strong and determined as any 50 lb. bulldog. Her name is Lilli, from Jonathan Swift’s Lilliputians.

    I lost 15 pounds using a modified WW diet and your success has been very encouraging. Having taken a 4 month hiatus I’m ready to get back to healthy WW eating. I am going to lose another 35 pounds so that my 55 yr old fun loving self will feel better and be able to wear cute clothes. You are a good role model for me and many others, I’m sure, so keep on track and maintain your goal weight!

    I hope your hubby continues to show improvement. He seems to have a very caring personal nurse to help him. Your relationship is encouraging in this often self-centered world.

    Do you see why I have been lurking instead of commenting… I don’t know when to stop commentng!!! Your blog is an enjoyable part of my daily routine. I hope you keep the entries coming!


  7. I’d almost forgotten about delurking day. Hi there, Maribeth. I’m sending an email about the diet thing.

    Glad your husband is feeling a little better and I can so understand the aching muscles. Keep in mind you are building muscle and burning fat more efficiently *wink* but it is true. šŸ˜‰

  8. I love, LOVE, your blog and would hate to miss reading it daily. But I am definately a lurker. Don’t comment very often. I am glad to hear that your “hubby” is doing better. I am sure it put a scare into him and it may take a while before he is back to his ol self again.
    I love your delurker tag. So cute.
    Did I ever tell you that my daughter has a dauschound (sp?). I have a yorkie right now but he is getting old, 8 yrs. When he passes I want to get a daschel too.
    Have a great winter and keep those pictures coming.
    Oh yes congrations on your reaching your goal!

  9. I’m de-lurking to say I love your blog. I’ve been reading/lurking for a couple of years. I was so proud when you reached your WW goal. I’m sending up prayers for hubby and you. When you said he went skiing despite having symptoms the day before, I said to my husband, “he’s just like you!” That’s exactly what he would have done! One of the things I like about your blog is that you post every day. Even on a cruise ship!
    We have a little Maltese that is the Princess of our hearts.


  10. Lurking around here in FL has left me with pneumonia-home for a few-take care-enjoy your De-lurking comments. Best to you and Hubby. Carol

  11. Hello from Salem, Va. I have been lurking for 2-3 years now. Picked up on you through my son Neal’s blog in Antartctia. I love the pics, doggie news and recipes.(need more of them).Kudos on your weight loss. Hope Hubby is feeling better today. My son was here for a few days at Christmas. He is in Co. now snowboarding before heading back to Palmer base this year, instead of South Pole. Keep enjoying life!!!

  12. I can’t really count this as delurking seeing as how I never shut up on here, but saying hi from Edinburgh anyway! Glad to hear hubby is getting back on his feet.

  13. I’m here!!! Almost missed the chance to delurk with the group!

    Love your dogs, love your blog! šŸ™‚
    I really enjoy reading of your life, your family, your adventures, your pups. Keep up the great work!

  14. Actually, this is my first time visiting here, so I haven’t lurked before. I found you at Heather’s blog (Goofy Girl) and just decided to click and here I am. I love, love, love your dogs! Gosh, they’re so cute! And I like your blog a lot also. I see you’re in NH….I’m originally Mass. (Salem and Peabody. Daughter still in Billerica)
    I’m going to add you to my favorites so I can come here and visit often.

  15. Sorry,
    I’m late.
    Yesterday I joined a meeting. Renny were also there.
    We had only a very few minutes to chare in private and I had to leave too soon. Work.

    To day: Up at 6 am, and finnished work at around 10:45 pm.

    So, in a way you are among the very few of my preferred bloggers I have visited this evening

  16. Hi Maribeth! Glad to know your hubby is better. Annieliese really looked like she loved what she was eating there! Very funny pic.

    By the way, I like your profile photo! You look so slender and beautiful than ever.

  17. Came across your breeder page and saw your blog and love your dogs, they are really stunning… I do love the Standard Wires… You were so gentle on your blog I couldnt resist being “delurked”

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