Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!!!

Calvin reached the momentous weight of 2.02 pounds! He is such a nice relaxed boy, who loves to eat. I am not surprised that he does so well. His personality is the calmest of all the group.

Sept. 16 Calvin4

Our sweet Christel found her forever home today. Abigail, a fellow New Hampshire-ite, will be adopting our little girl. It is so wonderful that she will be fairly close by and in state!

Sept. 16 Christel23

Casper is still our smallest. He is just a few tenths of an ounce smaller. He is a vigorous nurser, and he loves to move around the whelping box.

Sept. 16 Caspar3

Claus is always with Caspar. It’s sort of a funny thing. They are usually side by side when nursing, and more often than not curled up together to sleep.

Sept. 16 Claus

Curt is a character. He loves to cruise around the whelping box and burrow under the blankets. Yes, that is Curt’s bottom sticking out. I found him like this after lunch and it just made me laugh!

Sept. 16 Curt in the cave

Here is darling Curt’s face.

Sept. 16 Curt27

Lastly, here is a little video I took today while they were eating. I just love the little noises that they make when they are nursing.

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  1. The pictures are wonderful. I love Curt little butt sticking out of the blanket. He’s adorable! I am so Happy Christel found a forever home! Great video. Love YOU, Mel

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