The Amazing Greta!

Greta is an amazing little dog. Curt is nearly 12 weeks old and as Curt was playing today, Greta came by and began mothering him. She even allowed him to start to nurse her, but with those sharp puppy teeth it was all of about 2 seconds before she bolted.

Curt Greta 3

However, she cleaned him, straddled him and rolled him around. It was truly the cutest thing ever and I loved just watching her.

Curt Greta 2

Once again I find it truly remarkable that my little Greta, my fierce little girl, is such a tender and loving mother, and here Curt is with us for just a few more days and then her life as a Mommy is over.

Nov. Curt Greta

Ah, is that beautiful? Mother and son.

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Greta!”

  1. I bet Greta is feeling the upcoming separation of this last of her “babys” and is savoring these moments with her son! Cute! 🙂

  2. Those were really cute pictures. She will be lonely when Curt goes to his forever home and family. She will be fine with you and the other dogs, as it was pre-puppies. 🙂

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