Easter Weekend

Friday was one of those perfect springs days. Bright blue, sunny skies and warmth, wonderful, delicious, warmth! At one point it was over 75 degrees! Now isn’t that fantastic?

I unwrapped the awning, and put it out over our back patio. I opened the windows in the family room, bedroom and pulled the screen across where the sliding glass doors are. in the kitchen. Everything was open and fresh and clean smelling.

The dogs loved it. They sat in doorways, played outside and sat on the back of the couch watching the happenings on the lake.

Here is Anneliese and Arnie.

April 02 10 010

And now Greta, Anneliese and Arnie.

April 02 10 009

And the truly handsome Arnie!

April 02 10 006

Fritz was busy following his Daddy around the yard. Hubby also took the shedding tool outside and gave Fritz a good going over.

Oh yes, and while it was lovely and warm here, Hubby drove up into the mountains and skied again today. I doubt there will be too many more days for him to do this.

Tomorrow will be my day to prepare for Easter dinner. I will do as much as I can and then get up early on Sunday to finish up the cooking.

I hope that wherever you are the sun is shining down on you and you will enjoy the holiday!

8 thoughts on “Easter Weekend”

  1. Love the photos of the pups longinglylooking out the window as if to say, I want out too!!!

    Hope you have a great Easter!

    We are off to Yorkshire today, after breakfast in about an hour…

  2. What a cute picture of the three looking out of the window ! There is still snow in the mountains ? Lasts long this year ! Yesterday it was 35 years that we moved into our house and it snowed on a 2nd of April !! I remember so well, because the next day I was in bed with pneumonia !
    Now I have to go the inauguration of Ilona’s sons new motorbike shop ! I will be surrounded by leather wearing motorbike fans, from Vespa til Harley Davidson ! Grandma Gattina swings ! (on a Harley ??)

  3. I love the pattern on the screen in the 3rd picture…cool! Don’t exhaust yourself…looking forward to seeing you Sunday~!

  4. Time out from the eating Owls… Busy working on my dinner tomorrow. I will be at church from 7am-noon. Dinner here at 5pm, that way I can catch my breath and Abby can join us after she’s been with her Mom and family. Love YOU, Mel

  5. Your sweet little dogs are so calming and fun. I’ve missed coming by, but it has been busy here. Hope your Easter dinner is delicious, and I’m sure it will be.

  6. I’ve had the house open almost all week this week — and my kitties are LOVING it too! It has been sO gorgeous! What a wonderful Holy Week it’s been! HAPPY EASTER again!

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