My Girls

I had the nicest dream last night. It was about my girls. Mandy and Katie.
They were young in the dream, maybe 4 and 6 years old and we were moving back to the apartment that we first lived in when we moved up to New Hampshire.
In the dream it was spring, and warm. The girls were running around outside laughing and giggling with the sun shining down on their beautiful faces and their hair. I ran out to the field near the apartment and played with them as we sort of smiled happily at each other.
What a marvelous visit with my girls.

Mandy is grown now and a beautiful woman. I am so proud of her.
But I have to tell you it took me many years until I could have dreams like this about Katie and enjoy them. They used to really upset me, make me miss her so very much. But after all this time, I have healed to a point where I can look on these dreams as a visit with my youngest daughter.

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  1. I had no idea you had another daughter. I have read your posts about Katie and like Janet there is no way I can comprehend how hard that loss must be for you. Dreams can be strong and power things can’t they? I am glad this one was a happy one.

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