Monday Musing’s

I started out the day with all kinds of energy. I made breakfast for Hubby and the Old Boy and got them off on their trip to southern New Hampshire, and then set about doing housework. The dusting had been neglected for so long that I did not have dust bunnies, but dust elephants! But I got things cleaned up and I even pulled off the slip covers and washed those too.
After that I decided to put together the lasagna for dinner, so that all I have to do tonight is pop it in the oven I made the usual lasagna for Hubby and Old Boy, and I made an all cheese one for me, due to my finicky stomach. Mine has no tomato sauce at all. Just noodles and cheese.
Then it was back to laundry and then I figured that I needed to kick back a little and so I made myself a cup of tea, (I know, I’m not supposed to drink that, but darn, when I don’t feel well I want tea!) and sat down with Shubi.
I ordered 2 dozen rawhide bones from a mail away place as they have the best prices on large compressed rawhides. Greta is such a chewer, and I cannot seem to keep them in the house.
Shubi has a little tumor under her arm and it is starting to weep blood. The Vet has already seen it and he said that we’d just leave it until it started to bother her. Since it’s starting to bleed, it may be that she’ll need to have it removed.
It’s dark, cold and damp. Rain is on the way and high winds. What wild weather we have had this year!

2 thoughts on “Monday Musing’s”

  1. Sounds like a great day! May I ask why you cannot have tea? The caffeine? I love tea, hot tea, iced tea, flavored or black. I think I inherited it from my nana!

  2. Sorry to hear about Shubi’s tumor…I hope she’s ok! I found a weird fleshy thing in Max’s mouth last night…not bleeding, but kind of dangling…we had an appt to see the vet for that.

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