Love In The Afternoon

So this is the last week that my favorite Soap Opera “All My Children” will be on the air. There are rumors that it will be on the Internet, but I am not sure it will be the same. There is also a rumor that it will become a weekly show, and that is also in the category of, not the same.

I’ve watched it from the beginning. I have seen some really bad acting and some really good acting. Over the years some story lines were a little crazy, but some pulled at my heart and touched me in ways that no other medium could.

Daytime Soaps provided a vast learning area for many actors and actresses. Imagine producing 5 one hour episodes a week, week after week, 52 weeks a year!

When I was a new mother and suffering from sleep deprivation and  postpartum depression, the Soaps were my getaway. As the baby grew, and would go down for a nap, that hour was my time to escape into the world of high fashion, fabulous hair styles, and designer shoes, while I sat in jeans and t-shirts, covered in baby spew!

When I lost my daughter and found my reality was too much to cope with, the Soaps allowed me to escape again, to a place where I didn’t have to feel anything in my own life.

The writing was almost always good, and when they did on location shooting, it was exciting and new for those of us at home.

I will forever remember “Love In The Afternoon”!

So, ABC TV, I won’t be watching your afternoon TV programs anymore. You’ll be lucky if I tune in any of your programs in the evening. We do not need another talk show. I do realize that TV has changed, but, you had a great thing going and your kid geniuses don’t know what most people do. Those of us who followed “All My Children” for 40 years would have followed for another 40, but we won’t be following just another talk show.  We have a hundred plus channels of shows to chose from, plus 24-7 movie channels commercial free.

To all who worked on,  “All My children” thank you for all you did to make my afternoons full, all these years. To Susan Lucci, I will miss Erica Kane, and the life you brought to her!

And to Agnes Nixon who developed “All My Children” thank you for all these wonderful years! Agnes wrote a poem at the beginning of All My Children”. I reads;

The Great and the Least,
The Rich and the Poor,
The Weak and the Strong,
In Sickness and in Health,
In Joy and Sorrow,
In Tragedy and Triumph,

5 thoughts on “Love In The Afternoon”

  1. I don’t know if I know “All my children” because the French title is certainly not the same. I used to love soaps too, but not anymore they are nice in the beginning and become really bad over the years, like the “Desperate housewives” which I used to watch because it made me laugh, now it’s really stupid.

  2. I haven’t watched any soaps for years and years. Sorry you are losing this special part of your day. I am sure it feels like losing an old friend. Who knows maybe no one will watch another talk show and the rating will go down and they’ll bring it back. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Love YOU, Mel

  3. I will so miss AMC also, and refuse to watch any stupid talk show they put in it’s place. I like you, AMC was my getaway, and when my oldest was so ill and in the children’s hospital for months, it was where I escaped to, for at least an hour. Tad the Cad has always been my heart throb. I will miss OLTL also, but not as much as AMC. I still can’t believe this is the final week. Makes me sad. Susan Lucci is such an elegant lady.
    Thanks for your blog today. You should send it to the people who took AMC off the air.

    God Bless~

  4. The tears are already in my eyes. I have followed along since the very beginning too and ABC will not have me following the new shows either. I am going to miss this so much, it is my life, these people are my family! I have about 11 to watch right now. After my 3 week trip to Europe this summer I am watching them slowly so they last a little longer. I use to blog and watch because I didn’t really have to see who was talking, I know them all without their faces. Now I given them my full attention when I watch. It won’t be the same on the internet unless enough of them continue on with the show.
    I will of course try it, they are saying sometime in 2012.

  5. So sad. I don’t really watch AMC much these days, I didn’t like a lot of the younger characters as much as the old standbys. Tad “the cad” often comes to our town, because his parents live here. I’ve seen him several times, from a distance and close up, just being a person. Nice guy:)

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