We Are Up And Running!!!

Hubby finally went crazy after dinnertime. We had been home all day waiting for a serviceman to arrive, (it’s 7:35 pm and still no one has shown up) and by 7 Hubby couldn’t stand it. He called tech support and started yelling. Oh no, clear the decks! However, he got a great young guy who worked with us over and over and over until he unearthed the problem. Guess what it was? The last serviceman had entered in the wrong serial numbers for our modem into the system. So, when our town went back online last night, we didn’t get hooked back in. Once “mike” entered the correct numbers and rehit the modem and we rebooted the machine everything worked like it was supposed to and we are up and running! Now pardon me for saying this. But what do they teach these service people? Aren’t they supposed to know to always enter the correct serial numbers?
I thanked “mike” by telling him I loved him and wanted to have his children! To which he laughed and said he would drive all three over when he got off work! haha!!
Ah, the joy of being online again. I think I might just weep with joy!

One thought on “We Are Up And Running!!!”

  1. I hate to say it, but it seems the only way to get things done is to make a fuss. I’m not good at that, but Ron is.
    We went to the parade today with all the kids and Tim, Maria, Vin, and Francesca. The kids were so good and had lots of fun.
    We are heading over to Tim’s as soon as Abby wakes up. Then we are going out to dinner with some friends tonight.
    Andrea’s Grandfather is REAL sick. Got to go.

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