Maribeth Jewel

I was born 47 years ago today, at 12:01 PM. My mother says I tried to kill her even then, as I weighed 9 pounds and 1 ounce and as she is barely 5 feet tall this was truly difficult for her. See? All mother’s use guilt, it’s just the way it is. Of course back then, in 1958, they knocked her out for the birth, so that she went in, went to sleep and woke up to “Mrs. Stevens, wake up. You have a little girl, and meat loaf for dinner”.
I was a pretty baby, blonde with brown eyes, and apparently I grew quickly and steadily, although there is no documentation to this fact. Being a third child, I have a baby book with my name written in it, but the rest is blank. There are about four newborn pictures of me and then suddenly I am two. Such is the life of a third child!
I had a brother, Richard who was 7 years older and of course my beloved sister Melodie, who is 5 years older. I have always teased her that I was her very own living doll. She remembers coming home from school and running in to see her new baby!
After I was born, my parents hung up their baby making shoes and I was their last. I wonder at times what it would have been like to have had a younger brother or sister? But apparently I scared my parents enough, that they decided to quit while they were ahead.

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  1. Hi Mom, Happy Birthday!! I will give you a call on my way home from work! Hope you are feeling better today, and are able to enjoy your day!!



  2. Dear Maribeth,
    we had such a wonderful talk today and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a nice day.
    You were such a cute baby!!!
    Love Uschi

  3. That’s MY baby! I love those pictures, you were such a beauty and still are. I love you as you know! Happy Birthday again! Love, Mel

  4. Dear Maribeth,
    today I read what you wrote down about your birth and I was so impressed to find out that you and Mel´s grandchilds (Luke specialy) have expression in the same face!!! I laught so much because it is so funny to see how the “family signs” came through the family line…sorry I can´t explain it in English correctly….
    Love dear one,

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