How Little It Takes

Okay, I’m easy. Some people want trips to the South of France, or the beaches of San Tropez. Others dream of leading the life of a jet setter. So what turns me on? What makes my day?
A new chest freezer!
Our old one died about two years ago. We didn’t get another one because well, we sort of “made do” with the small freezer in the regular fridge. But, buy a few chicken’s on sale or cook a few meals ahead of time, and suddenly you can’t find anything, as the freezer is chockablock full!
Fast forward to yesterday. We drove around checking out different sales going on in the area, and found a wonderful freezer, 7.0 cu. We got it up and running last night and I’ll spend this morning arranging meats, chicken and fish in the new, highly coveted appliance!
No, it doesn’t take much to make this girl happy!

2 thoughts on “How Little It Takes”

  1. Well, a new freezer would be nice and I wouldn’t complain, but I think a nice trip would make me smile from ear to ear!

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