Greta Dream

I always worry just a little when Greta goes off for a walk at the park with Hubby and Fritz and I’m not around. I worry a little because she doesn’t always respond to Hubby and often takes off. Yesterday was just such a time. Off they went while I stayed home with Shubi. I later learned that she had been running around like crazy, and hadn’t been very good for him at all.
Last night, I dreamt of Greta. She had gotten away from Hubby, and I was out in a car looking for her. I was driving around with care and worry and I couldn’t find her. Then I was on this long, long road. I wasn’t driving the car, (I’m not sure who was) but I was in the passengers seat, and suddenly I saw her running down this road. She was scared and tired and I just about leapt out of the car and scooped her up in my arms. She was so tired and I cried.
Then I woke up, and Greta was asleep by my side.

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  1. I go absolutely berserk(er) if Maxi gets out. He’s not used to being on the run and I don’t think he has much traffic sense. He’s always come home in about 30 minutes but its a very very long 30 minutes…….

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