Skiing at Waterville Valley

Today dawned, bright, beautiful and extremely cold (16 degrees here and 5 at the top of the mountain!) and windy! “Of course”, I told Hubby, “because today is the first day on the ski slopes for me!”
So I got out the super-dooper long underwear, turtleneck, insulated ski pants, sweater and the new down LL Bean ski parka I bought over the summer that was guaranteed to keep me warm. Which it did! The ski pants were just a tad snug. (Can you say Hold Your Breath?) So I brought a bag with ’emergency pants’ with me “just in case” I split the seams! A few more pounds down and these pants will fit just fine. Meanwhile, I live on the edge!
I made a picnic breakfast to eat on the way to Waterville Valley. Coffee, juice, boiled eggs, cheese and a steak sandwich for Hubby. The roads were clear and when we arrived at the resort I think there were 5 other cars there. We got all bundled up, adjusted our goggles and gloves and headed out.
Dec 7 003.jpg
I’m always a little nervous my first run of the season, but it’s sort of like riding a bicycle. You don’t forget how. So down we came. Back on the ski lift and I swear the wind had picked up. it was a mere 5 degrees on top of the mountain with 30 mile an hour gusts of wind!
At one point we were coming through an area where they are making snow, while on the lift and both of us had our goggles iced! This required a moment in the Schwendi Hutte to defrost them. Then we were back out on the slopes.
Dec 7 005.jpg
After a few more runs we stopped for a HOT cup of coffee at the Schwendi Hutte. I kicked off my ski boots, sat by the window in the sun and soaked up the warmth. I felt like a cat who wanted nothing more then to curl up on the little sofa there and go to sleep!
Alas, that was not to be. I was up and dressed and out we went after the coffee for two more runs before we quit for the day.
Now to answer some questions.
Did I fall? No. I didn’t fall. I actually felt relaxed and good on the skis.
Am I completely exhausted and sore? No. I feel a little tired, but not bad. I imagine tomorrow I will be a little sore.
Did I freeze? Just a little. The new jacket was great, but my toes, fingers and cheeks all felt the nip of the wind chill.
Dec 7 004.jpg

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  1. I love the photos. It looks great! What you need is to buy a hot tub so you can sit in that when you get home from skiing.

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