Busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday it was all about cleaning, laundry and getting out the shorts, tank tops and bathing suits for summer. That seemed to consume most of my day, as well as setting up the new freezer, moving all the meat, chicken and fish into it and then cleaning the fidge freezer and setting it up with the day to day stuff. I feel like a Domestic Diva!
I got up feeling tired from everything I’d accomplished yesterday and so I’d decided to take it easy today. Ha. I can’t seem to sit still.
After breakfast, I got a pot roast in a slow oven where it is cooking for our dinner tonight. It’s a big piece of meat, so I will use the left overs to make a beef stew to freeze.
While I was out there, I thought, why not just make the Chicken Divan now and get it frozen? So I started cutting up vegetables for that and soon it was simmering on the stove. By noon it was cooked, and in plastic containers and ready to go into the freezer.
Now I’m sitting with a cup of coffee telling myself that it is time to put up my feet and relax for a while. I wonder how long that will last. I seem to be in high gear these days.

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  1. Duh! I didn’t know you had a blog already. I just realized when you posted on my site. I knew Janet said soon but didn’t realize this soon…Well anyway, I know I’m a few wks late but welcome to the blogging world. I’ll have to add you to my daily’s. Love your layout….very cute 🙂

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