Inhale and Hold Your Breath

I decided a week or so ago that due to the abundance of food in our house, I had to eat. It wasn’t for myself, you see, Hubby is a diabetic and to protect him from all the sugar and fats, I decided that I would eat. The first things to go were the Snickerdoodles. I gave away a ton of them, but there were a few left, and since they are primarily made of sugar, they had to be eliminated.
Next, the chocolates. Friends had sent us a basket of assorted fine chocolates. Now surely this would send Hubby into a diabetic coma, so down they went. You know I did this to “save” him. Such is my love for him!
Then there was the Chocolate Chip Cookies. He loves those, and even though I made them with Splenda, well those carbs just aren’t good for him. So I helped get rid of those too.
Christmas morning I opened the Stollen Christmas Bread from Germany. It’s a family tradition. The bread is made with candied fruit, raisins and marzipan filling and then covered liberally with powdered sugar! Well, there you go. The sugar thing. I had to save him from that too.
Somewhere around dessert Christmas night I realized I was on a “sugar high“. I felt jazzed, like I could run a marathon. In fact I didn’t sleep well that night because I was so full of sugar. Where would it all end?

Yesterday I went out shopping during the after Christmas sales. I grabbed some great pants off the rack and headed right into the changing room to try them on.
As I stood in front of the floor to ceiling, three way mirror I saw where it all had ended up! Right on my hips! Oh, My God!!! I inhaled. I held my breath. Sadly, it was too late. the cookies, stollen and chocolates had found a new home. Right there on my hips!
There was a black cloud over the Liz Claiborne Outlet store. It was filled with all the naughty words I ws spewing from inside my changing room. How could I have done this?
A tear escaped one eye as I put the size 10’s back on the shelf. I couldn’t be too depressed, because I’d eaten those things to save Hubby and well, it’s a sacrifice I would make again for the man I love.
Still, come midnight on January 1st I will go back strictly on my diet. I will throw away any leftover sweets and stock up on sugar free jello.
And as much as I hate to even “think” about this, I will exercise.

What I want to know is why? Why, when you get to a point in your life when you can actually enjoy yourself, are you suddenly just one donut away from “Fatdom”? Long ago, back in my 20’s I could eat what I wanted and I didn’t gain weight. Now, suddenly in my 40’s all I have to do is look at food and I gain 10 pounds!

So until next week I will inhale, and hold my breath and hope that the zipper on my jeans holds!

4 thoughts on “Inhale and Hold Your Breath”

  1. You are a good wife to protect your husband from all that sugar. I have an appointment at Joslin Diabetes clinic this afternoon – HA HA HA – yeah since WHEN it is every a good idea to get your blood sugar measured 2 days after CHRISTMAS! *shakes head*

  2. Oh my dear,
    I had to laugh so much when I read your “report”….Oh I understand you so much. Volker is the same like you. Despite of that I am not a diabetic he saves my life (and my figure…hihihihi) every day. He eats chocolate and cakes and helps me to stay slim…hihihihi
    Love Uschi

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