After Christmas Sales

Tuesday I went shopping. I was enjoying the after Christmas sales. I found a great selection of Christmas cards at 40% off their list price, and proceeded to buy what I will need for next year! I think the best thing is that I was able to get cards I really liked. As I have mentioned before, I just LOVE a good sale!
After filling my car with cards I headed over to JC Penney’s for their sales. I looked at pocketbooks, as I really have a pocketbook fetish that hasn’t been fed in a while. After walking around and around I understood why. I simply don’t care for the current styles. Hmmm.
Then I went into the sleep wear section. I always get a new robe and new flannel pajamas after Christmas when everything is on sale. This year was no different. I got a pair of leopard print flannel pajamas, and a mint green fleece robe. Both were 50% off. I was feeling good about the money I was saving as I slid my credit card through the machine!
Then I went to Sears and stood looking longingly at the vacuums. I really hate my current vacuum. It’s fine for someone with no animals, but after a few years I find that each time I was taking it out to use I felt like I was simply putting dust in the air and on my furniture and that the stupid machine did nothing to really clean my house. So there I was standing, looking, nearly crying with the longing of a thirsty woman for a tall glass of ice water, when my cell phone rang and Hubby asked what I was up to. I told him what I was doing and then explained all the reasons I simply had to get that vacuum! He listened and then said, quite casually, mind you, “So get it” and I did!
When I got home and unpacked it from the box, my hands shook as they caressed the sleek body of the white canister machine. I plugged it in, and heard the soft whir of the engine as it came to life. My heart skipped a beat!
So what did I do all day on Wednesday? I think you know. Yes, I cleaned and vacuumed until the happiness was almost more then I could stand!
Okay, I admit it. I’m getting old. Old is when you get a major appliance like a vacuum and you find it’s making your entire year. I remember 20 years ago I wanted new clothes, books to read, games to play, stereo equipment, etc. Now, I don’t want all that crap. It just sits around taking up space. I good appliance that will be used several times a week is worth it’s weight in gold!

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