Life in a Blog

Okay, I was lying in bed last night trying to go to sleep. As I lay there I was thinking, “What will I write about in my Blog tomorrow?” So it’s happened. I’ve become one of those people who is living there lives for a blog entry! I knew it would happen. When I started doing this, I resolved that anything I am paying for I intended to use every day. And so far, I haven’t missed a day. The only thing is, now when things are happening around me, I’m thinking, will this make a funny entry?
I dreamed a lot last night. I even dreamed about blogging. I was telling jokes, bad ones, and trying to figure out which ones would work. In the dream I would screw them up in the telling, so I knew it just wouldn’t work in writing.
I also went to France and Germany in my dreams last night. Which actually was funny because there I was telling my stupid jokes to people who didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand the joke.
Mercifully, Fritz woke me up and I could escape from my silly dreams.
Okay gang, here it is. Occasionally I’m funny, but sometimes the only funny thing about me, is that I am trying really hard to be funny.
Life is such work!

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  1. Oftentimes when I am going to sleep is when I get my best ideas. The bad thing about this is I know I have to get up right then and there or I’ll forget it tomorrow. So I get good ideas written down, but I get less sleep in the process.:(

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