Tuesday it just rained and rained. All I could think of was how happy I was that this wasn’t snow! There are very few mounds of snow left in our town. Most of them are gone, and I thought I saw some green returning to my lawn. At least, where the moles have not ruined it!

You should see our front lawn! It appears that the moles had a field day under the snow this winter, as the burrowed through the ground!

Oh I detest moles. They are gross and ugly and there really isn’t much to recommend them.

Talpa europaea MHNT

(picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

The only thing I ever saw that made me appreciate them actually happened about 8 years ago. My first dackel, Shubi had been very ill. I was treating her with chemotherapy and I questioned if I was making a good decision, as she didn’t seem to be enjoying life.

One day, I let Shubi out in the back yard and she was sniffing around. The next thing I knew she was tossing a mole up in the air and catching it in her teeth. There was a spring in her step and happiness in her face. Yep, that awful mole was making her happy.

Aside from that, I really do not like them a bit. They really are terrible destructive pests, and ugly too!

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