Today would have been Fritz’s eleventh birthday! Sadly, he made it to March 3 of this year and quickly passed from this life to the next.

We have said this before, we have had wonderful White Shepherds, but Fritz is in a league of his own! He was quite simply the best White Shepherd we ever had!

He was gentle and kind with all that he met, and he loved the dackels and was their body guard.

Most of all, he loved his Daddy beyond words! Following him everywhere that he went.

If I called him, he came, and was always happily wagging his tail! He loved me and I adored him too!

I cannot tell you how much you are missed, Fritz. Your little grand-niece is adorable too. She is starting to settle down and I can see that with training she will be great!

For now, Rest In Peace, Dear Fritz!

Fritz from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi there! It’s Lisa from the old Pink Chihuahua Princess blog. I’m so sorry about Fritz. My Tzeitel died in December. It’s hard. I have a new blog. Send me your email if you would like an invite. Hope you are well. I put my current email in here in the comment prompts.

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