Prayin’ For Lili

Now that we know that Lili has EPI I have started working wth her. You see, when she was really suffering before the start of her medication, the poor thing was in pain, had terrible diarrhea, and was wasting away. A terrible thing for a dog to be going through.

The trainer kept telling me she was willful and to be harsh with her. Well, I stopped going to her. You simply cannot be harsh with a dog who is frantically hungry all the time.

There was that look in her eyes. That terrible look that told me that she was scared. So, after praying to God for assistance, I started to behave calmly with my constant shadow.

After lunch today, I allowed her to come up on my loveseat with me. Then I softly, gently, stroked her back, her ears, and down her legs. Her eyes closed and she sighed.

I thought then that here is a dog that has been abused by illness. She was counting on us to recognize that and help her. I have to admit that Hubby was the biggest help. He’s been involved in a genetics project for years and this was one of the illnesses that was discussed.

So I ask, if you are the praying sort of person, please include Lili in your prayers. She will need all of them if we are to get this disease under control.

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  1. THe gentle approach is always best. Harshness brings on more harshness, gentle (and firm too!) brings out the gentle side. This baby is so lucky to have you, she knows you are taking care of her. xxoo

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