We have had Lili for a year now. This first year will go down as one of the toughest puppy dog years of my life.

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It’s not that Lili is a bad dog. Quite the contrary, Lili really has a good heart, and there is not a single mean bone in her body.

That being said, Lili has been tough to love. She came to us ill, and being a puppy, she just didn’t understand what was happening.

She became anxious and stressed, and then began to systematically destroy my house. Have you seen the movie “Marley and Me”? About a man and his wife who get a dog who destroys everything. That’s us. I have one entire room (The dog room.) that needs to be completely redone. That did not endear her to me.

I tried to take her to classes and she flunked. At that time I thought she had some sort of hyper activity disorder. Yet, here we are, Lili is over a year old now, and in the last week I have started to see a new dog.

She wants to please. She follows me everywhere. She is starting to play ball with Hubby, out in the back yard, and then when she is called for dinner she comes right in.

It’s unfortunate that we never really had that sweet, loving, puppy-hood, that I have had with my other dogs. Yet now, now I feel like the worst is over and she may very well become part of our family after all. So much time spent anxiously, on her part, but I think she may be through the worst.


She is a beauty, that is for sure. Perfectly white with the exception of the very tip of her tail, which looks like it has been dipped in light apricot paint. Her nose is jet black, not reddish in what the breeders call snow nose. And her eyes. Those two beautiful brown mud puddles. When she looks at me, I melt.

Yes, we’re making progress with Lili. Quite happily so!

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  1. That’s just like with babies ! Some are crying 24 h and hard to support, and later they touch everything they shouldn’t, but you made it ! Congratulations, she became a beautiful lady now !

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