It’s Great!

We drove all day, saw a tad of foliage from Rutland, Vermont to about Canaan, NH. However, foliage season is really late. And not breath-taking. At least not yet.

We picked up our mail, thus getting Hubby’s new winter bathrobe, and a weeks worth of mail, and then we turned the car toward home. Somehow, it still knew the way!

Upon arrival, we were met by four thrilled beyond words dogs, our house sitter and a house that was quite literally cleaner than when I left it, despite my deep cleaning.

And it felt wonderful.

It meant that I could sit snuggling dogs, and take my time putting things away. Hubby had a TV dinner and I just ate some toast for our evening meal. Very low key!

Bedtime comes in a bit, and I will snuggle up with my three little dackel bed warmers!

It feels great to be home. Out of the car, in my own chair, feet up and surrounded by brown eyed fur babies!

Life is good and it is fabulous to be home!!!

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