Happy Second Birthday Lili

I was thinking about Lili the other day and realized she would be two on her birthday, which is today. St. Patrick’s Day!

Truthfully, I thought she was older, because it seems we have had her for a very long time. Lili, with all her health issues and challenges.

But she is doing better now on her grain free diet, and the fact that Hubby takes her out for hours at a time, where she can run in the field, and burn off all that energy.

Lili is a sweet dog. I don’t think there is a mean bone in her entire body. But, when she was ill with her grain sensitivity, she wasn’t fun to be around.

Lili Birthday Collage

So, Happy Birthday, dearest Lili.


3 thoughts on “Happy Second Birthday Lili”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Lili and all the best to you. I hope your mom and dad gave you a nice present…hihihi. Love aunti Uschi

  2. Sorry to be a day late with Birthday wishes for Lili, but I hope she had a good day. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Imagine that, Lili and I share the birthday. Hope her day was as good as mine was. Please give out a round of treats from me.

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