The best part of our weekend was going to see “SULLY” at the movies. Hubby and I almost never go to the movies, but I really wanted to see this one. I made him promise not to say anything during the movie, should there be aviation inaccuracies, during the film. I said we could do a complete debrief  once we got home.


Tom Hanks was superb as the quiet, gentle, yet capable, miracle pilot. As many people have stated, if not for Captain Sully, all of those people would have died.

The casting for the movie was really good. And I will tell you that one of the ferry Captains is the actual real life Captain from that day.

The writing of the screen play was true to form for what happens in a cockpit, and I will tell you  that Sully’s PTSD feelings and dreams, were presented in a very real and fair way.

Clint Eastwood did a fabulous job. He directed and produced this film. Hollywood hates him, because he speaks his mind, and goes his own way, but Eastwood is always true to his films.

Hubby was impressed with how well a cockpit experience was portrayed. He also liked the film. I do recommend this film for anyone interested in Sully, and the Miracle on The Hudson River!

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  1. Haven’t heard of this film yet. For the moment there is no interesting movie to see, some stupid French commedies, or violent films which I don’t like !

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