My German Odyssey 1989 Part 4

Our apartment had a small kitchen, a bathroom with a tub, and a hand held shower. There was a bedroom with a king-size bed and a large living room with an eating area at one end.
The TV got Armed Forces TV, CNN International and the rest were German stations. One day I was flipping through the channels and I found “General Hospital“. It was all dubbed in German. However, it was also 2 years older than the episodes I’d watched at home. I had actually seen these episodes before! (In English of course) So I sat there watching “Luke and Laura” on the run as “Lloyd and Lulu”. I may not have understood the language, but I knew exactly what was happening.
Hubby arrived home from work one day and found me sobbing as I watched General Hospital. It was then that he knew I was totally cracked!
On Hubby’s days off we continued to sight see around the city. We rented bikes one day and this is my other embarrassing story.
It was a bright hot sunny July day. we rode the bikes all along the Spree River, and as we rode I could see Hubby’s head turing to view the nude sunbathing buxom beauties on the shoreline. I rode ahead of him and with all the courage of someone biking in a forested area, I pulled up my shirt and said, “You want to see some boobs, well here ya go buddy!” At that exact moment a little old man on his bike came around the corner and nearly fell off his bike! Hubby started to laugh, I tried to quickly put my puppies back inside my bra while remaining upright on my bike.
Sometimes there is no justice!
Our life settled into a nice rhythm. Hubby would get up in the morning, get his jogging outfit on and go off to run. I would make coffee, maybe some eggs and time it all out so that after half an hour Hubby would return with the fresh morning rolls (or wonderful sweet pastries! I especially liked Mohn-Kuchen or Apfel Strudel). This had been our pattern for a while and it suited me just fine. Although later I would rue the day as my waistline kept increasing!
One day Hubby left for his run and I took my bath, and then started to make the coffee the door to the flat opened and Hubby returned. He hadn’t been gone too long and I immediately met him at the door. He’d been running, as usual, and his knee had locked. This was the start of all his knee problems.
When he had a few more days off we flew down to Munich so I could meet his friends, Lucie and Otto. I wasn’t terribly sure how they would react to Hubby’s new, younger wife, but I needn’t have worried. I was greeted with open arms.
It was there that I came upon a little wire-haired dachshund named Shubi. He didn’t understand any English and I didn’t speak much German, but it didn’t matter. It was love at first sight on both our parts.

This little man followed me all around and even snuck into my bed at night. It was then that I knew I was smitten with the wire-haired dachshund and would someday have to have my own.
Back in Berlin we learned that we could take a bus tour with the US Military. These were done twice a week in order to maintain access between the two Berlin’s. This was agreed to by the four powers when Berlin had been divided after WW II.
But that story is for the next chapter.

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  1. That’s a nice story … better upright on a bicycle than uptight on a bicycle, but … I can’t resist … with all the pictures of the Dackels on your page, when you mention putting “the puppies” back in your bra, I have a totally different picture.

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