My German Odyssey 1989 Part 8

Life in Berlin with our daughters was busy and yet, we fell into a routine of breakfasting, dressing and getting out for the day. I don’t think there is a part of the western half of Berlin that we didn’t get to see with them. Including a trip to the doctor’s office after Amanda’s knee went out. (What is it with this family and their knees?) After an injection from the Pan Am doctor and rest with ice, she seemed to recover enough for our next adventure.
We made a second trip into East Berlin with the girls and this time we walked down to the Nikolaiviertel and shopped at the stores there in the historic district of E. Berlin.We had lunch down there and watched children dancing and playing.
On another day we attended The French/German Volksfest near Tegal! It was a fair very much like our county fairs here in the states. Lots of good food, rides that’ll make you sick and tons of fun. We spent the entire day, and went on almost all the rides and had a great time.

We took Amanda and Jess to the Pfaueninsel.
The boat tour was wonderful and although it was a little cool, we had a great time.

On another day we headed out to Alt Lubars where we saw the wide open fields and stopped at a gasthaus and had dinner.
There was also a farmers market near our flat at Lietzenburger Strasse. That was so much fun for the girls and I. We walked all around the stands and I don’t think there was anything you couldn’t buy.
One day we had to go to the US Military base to do laundry. We all brought our books and sat waiting for the wash to be done. Hubby watched the two kids reading and with a glint in his eye he asked, “Who wants to go to McDonalds?” Two faces, with startled expressions looked up from their books and before they knew it, we were sitting at McDonalds eating American Burgers and fries! (Note here: Even though we were on an American Base, eating McDonalds burgers and fries, it was not the same.)
We often walked down to The Wall and read the grafitti on it. Seeing the way it cut through the city gave us all pause for thought.

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  1. LOL love the McDonald’s story. We had a Burger King & a Popeye’s at Yokota in Japan, and while they tasted pretty much like another other BK or Popeyes, the off base fast food places did not. At McDonald’s, my favorite was the teriyaki mcburger…YUM! I also liked the tsukimi baaga (moon-viewing burger), which was a poached egg on top of a hamburger.

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