It seems lately that the dogs get me up well before dawn. In my struggle to fight boredom and to dream a little, I have found a web site where I can watch the cruise ships come in and dock in Fort Lauderdale.

It’s been a while since we have cruised, but I have always said that for me, cruising is the best way to actually vacation and relax. No meal preparation, no clean up, and no dogs. I simply show up every day and get spoiled.

Nov. 17 at sea 010

It will be a long time until I can cruise anywhere. With my surgery and recovery, and physical therapy, I will need to be close to home for a while.

Nov. 22 St Thomas 005

But I can dream, right? Dream of all those places I have been, and would like to visit. How does a 15 day cruise to Hawaii sound? Or a 7 day cruise in Alaska and a land trip of another 5 days?  Or what about a cruise down the Rhine River? Or one around Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, watching the ships come into port allows me the chance to dream. And somehow dreaming about all of those places gets me through the pain.

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