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Apparently, we had one heck of a storm go through last night, and it left our cable company barely functioning. We have some service, but it is fuzzy and you can barely see the people on the screen. And of course we have no Internet service. I don’t usually have much good to say about dial-up service, but it is a great back up!
After breakfast I’ll be heading to bed. I’ve got two new books to read, “Vanishing Acts” by Jodi Picoult and “Eden Close” by Anita Shreve. I imagine I will have lots of company in bed, while lying flat. Shubi is a real cuddly girl. Have nap, will find Shubi by your side! I think Greta and Fritz will be in and out, as they’re both puppies and on the move most of the time.
Yesterday I decided to have some comfort food. I drove down to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream stand and got myself my favorite. A waffle cone with Cherry Garcia ice cream! Mmmmmmm! I was talking to the girl working there, and she had an accent. I wasn’t sure, Australian or South African? She was South African. Here on a worker’s program. She’d been here since last fall. It turns out she worked at the ski area I always ski at, Waterville Valley, last winter, and she was the girl my husband and I joked with all winter long! People look so different when they aren’t wearing their heavy winter clothes and hats!
Have any of you watched “Two and a Half Men”? I’ve never really watched it until rerun season started, but what a funny show. I mean it makes me absolutely howl with laughter! I’m going to have to add that to my favorite’s list if they keep up with the funny shows.

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