Who Makes You Laugh?

I’ve decided I have a strange sense of humor. I say this because over the weekend they had a “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” marathon on Comedy Central, and I found myself glued to the tube and laughing like a crazed woman at the jokes.
My favorite of these four comics is Bill Engvall There is something about his humor that makes me laugh so hard I fear the loss of certain bodily functions. He tours around doing work with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White. They’re all pretty funny, but Bill is my favorite. Possibly this is because he had both dachshunds and German shepherds like we do.
Of course the fact that in the last week I’ve been either in the hospital taking care of Hubby or at home doing the same, has probably affected my judgment, but these guys are funny!
I tried to share the “joy” with Hubby, who laughed a bit, but started to look at me with concerned eyes. He had that, “Is she losing her mind?” look on his face, as I sat there wiping tears from my eyes from the hard laughter.
It was then I decided I’d be better off leaving the “sick room” and watching Comedy Central where I wouldn’t be observed.
So am I strange or what? Who is your favorite comic?

8 thoughts on “Who Makes You Laugh?”

  1. That would have to be Lewis Black. In fact, I’m trying to figure out how I can get a gig like his.

    Glad to see Hubby is home with you all again.

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