Need A Bath?

It was bath day for my boys today. First up was my 73 pound Fritz. Although his white coat looked clean, it didn’t exactly smell “downy fresh”! So, I locked him in the bathroom with me and forced him into the shower. I always just jump in with him, naked, because no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I am always covered in white dog fur, so I might as well not add to my discomfort with a layer of sopping wet clothes.

We have had wrestling matches in the past and today I was prepared for the worst. However, Fritz surprised me, and was such a good boy, I nearly fainted with the shock of it. The bath went so quickly, that we were done before I knew it.
Of course, I had to wash every piece of cloth in the bathroom. The rugs, the other towels, etc. all had to be laundered as they were soaked and covered with white fur, and since the floor was half wet anyway, I grabbed the bucket and mop and washed that as well.
Time for boy #2. Hubby! I wish I could say that we were the delightful young marrieds that we once were and that our shower was full of fun and frolicking, but let’s face it, he’s just had his second knee replacement, and I’d just gotten done washing a big dog. It wasn’t so much frolicking as it was wash and rest.
How do you know when you’ve been married 18 years? When you shower together and the only thing you think about is actually getting clean!
Am I disappointed by my lack of action in the tub? Not really, giving a bath is more exhausting than being an active participant.
Can someone pass the soap?

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  1. MB, what a great report! You can make the most ordinary tasks a joy to read about. How about that Fritz…cutting you some slack this time. And I guess your hubby didn’t give you a hard time, either, this time around!! :-)s

    Love the graphic.


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