Saturday Scavenger Pets

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Top: Hubby & Fritz, Hubby & our beloved late Shubi.

Middle: James and Matina with Greta

Bottom: Greta and me, Hubby with Fritz and Greta.

30 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Pets”

  1. That top left hand photo is super. The dog looks like a big pillow! Ahhh I could just lay my head on him lol

    Mandy :=)

  2. Love how you grouped the pictures. Wonderful photos and great memories!! (We had a Dachshund years ago….called him HOOTZ).

    Mine S P Hunt is posted.

  3. Ok I’m just catching up on your week’s posts and since the comment thingy never wants to remember me I will leave my comments here for the whole week ‘k? Here goes, backwards from today:
    – well basically your whole week’s pictures can qualify for the SPH! Love ’em though!
    – Happy Belated Burfday, Fritz! A doggy party! How fun! And what a great cake! No wonder he had a smile on his face!
    – Greta at the keyboard – pretty priceless!
    – Dishes – get hubby to help ya!
    – How’s that poison ivy?

  4. I’m with Irish Church Lady, I love visiting you and do so almost everyday. Why can’t the daggum thing remember me? Anyway, there are pictures of dogs…who can remain cross?
    My fav is the back pack one as well. Aren’t our chil/pets the best. You know those are our animals that we treat as children…chil/pets.
    I’m up but I have lots-o-pics so be forewarned!!

  5. wonderful pictures! is that a wire hair? I had wanted one, but I couldn’t really find one in our area, AND they get to be kind of expensive- here, anyway. anyway- thanks for visiting.

  6. What an awesome collections of your pets. I love how you show the interaction with the petowner(s).
    Beautiful layout as well.

  7. What a nice collection of pets. They look wonderful. Almost makes we want to get one of my very own. I had to borrow my brothers dod for my contribution.

  8. Very nice collage of pictures. These creatures sure become a special part of our home.

    I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog. My dad is all Greek, so neat reading about your festival. 🙂

    My pics up!

  9. Aw, Fritz!! What a lovely dog!! 😉 They are all cuties! Thanks for sharing & for stopping by to check out my photos! 🙂

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