The Dog Days Of Summer

You all probably think I pose Greta in these pictures. Truly, I don’t. Greta is such a ham, that we now keep our digital cameras all over the place to catch her every move, (or non move).

Today it was her stuffed basketball. She dragged this thing all over the house and then settled it up on the chair where she could snuggle it. This thing is larger than she is!

She finally fell asleep with this ball and once again I caught her with the camera.

Later in the day, Lily, an eight month old White German Shepherd, female came to visit us. She is a little smaller than Fritz and just a tad on the apricot side, but she is the sweetest little girl and I would have kept her in a heartbeat!

Fritz, Greta and Lily

The dogs played and played and got along so well. The funniest episode occurred when Greta was chasing the two big shepherds! That girl has no fear!

Fritz and Lily

I was amazed at how well all the dogs got along. There are times dogs will be snappy with each other, or not want to share their toys. This was not the case. All the dogs shared, and seemed to enjoy each other.

Two beautiful dogs

Sadly it soon was time for Lily and her owner to leave us. The two beautiful shepherds stood, one last time for a picture. What regal beasts they are!

Lily and Fritz

13 thoughts on “The Dog Days Of Summer”

  1. Looks like Greta is resting up (and being a ham for he camera) before her “big event” this fall. Friz and Lilly that is a bit spooky…looks like you photoshopped it!

  2. Stunning pic of Fritz and Lily. There was a white German Shephard at the Humane Society but it’s owner came to get it before it was available for adoption….dang.

    Greta is a ham…Silly baby.


  3. Great pictures! I love the pictures of Greta… she reminds me of my Snickers (Fox Terrier). I can’t tell you how many pictures we have of her on the couch sleeping… on the floor sleeping… on our beds sleeping. That’s pretty much what she does all day… sleeps 🙂

  4. I love Greta’s pics! She should be a model.
    Lily and Fritz would have had beautiful pups too. Too bad that isn’t going to happen. They look lovely together.

  5. My little freak dackelx, Cinder, has no fear either. She talks back, she gets into things she knows she shouldn’t be into, she chases and bites Max (the Rottweiler), she tries to stand up to Korkie (the CorgiX) but Korkie is too much Queen for even her fearless little hide.

    Cinder is a great girl and has a good personality .. I just don’t know if I could have another one like her.

    Lily is beautiful!!

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