Barbecue Time

I’d planned for my Saturday to be a quiet one, where I could kick back and watch some movies and not do too much.

For the most part, this was true. We watched an intense movie called “Alone in Berlin” about a German couple that lose their only child during WW II. Emma Thompson starred in it, and she was amazing. We watched it, totally enthralled, and at the very end, we learned that this was a true story. It broke my heart.

When I went out to get the mail in the morning, the traffic was a nightmare! I think everyone came to my town for a mini stay-cation! The roads were literally bumper to bumper, and the Craft Fair was jam-packed. I left our house at 9:45, went to the local grocery store for a couple of things, got the mail and arrived home at 11:45! Please note, this should have taken me 15-20 minutes!

I decided to make the rest of my day today easy. I got barbecue baby back ribs, corn on the cob. I still had some of my own potato salad, so we are set. Oh yes, and the strawberry shortcakes are ready to be assembled!

July 04 068

It is hot and humid here in New Hampshire as I write. The weather forecasters have predicted some rain and a 30-degree drop in temperatures overnight. As long as the air is dry, I will be happy.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

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