Grand-Kids, The Fourth & Parties

The last few days have been so hot and muggy up here in New Hampshire, which is totally uncommon for early July. Perhaps mid to late August for a day or two, but we are going on nearly a week and I am just plain over it!

I took a trip down to co-babysit with the kid’s other grandmother, Nana Mary. We’ve become good friends over the years and we both enjoy spending time with our two grandchildren.


Last night we took the kids to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Now I must say, this was a great decision because other parents take their kids there too. So no one says a word if a child uses their outdoor voice or spills anything. It simply is what it is.

Anyways, the kids ordered kid food, Mac & Cheese, and Chocolate Milk, while Mary and I each ordered a steak and salad. It was a great meal. I stepped out to “go to the restroom”, but really I ordered a cake and ice cream for Mary’s Birthday and the Staff all sang to her. It was so much fun!


Our grandson fell asleep on the sofa after dinner, and I carried him upstairs to bed when Savannah was ready to go. Since there was awesome air conditioning in their parent’s bedroom, the two children and I slept there. Mary slept in the other air-conditioned bedroom.

Once the kids were tucked in, we opened a bottle of chilled Reisling and sat talking for nearly two hours before we went to bed. What a wonderful thing to have found a friend like Mary! And the fact that she and I are joined as a family makes it all the more special.

This morning dawned and the two children woke me up about 6:15. Savi was first to snuggle and cuddle, and then Quinn woke up. Now, remember, this kid is 2 and a half years old. This is what he said to me, all by himself first thing this morning.

“I’m not crying. I’m a big boy!” He then moved closer. “Love you Oma!”

My heart filled right up. This is the very first time he told me he loves me, without being prompted! Later on, he said it again. I was already crazy in love with my grandson, but now, I am simply over the moon in love!


The children really adore each other and sit for long periods of time cuddled together. It makes me so happy to see this.

Then I came home, stopping for a few groceries on my way, and we went to a Fourth of July Party at our neighbors. It was so much fun, and great to see everyone!

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July!

3 thoughts on “Grand-Kids, The Fourth & Parties”

  1. What a lovely time of togetherness! I’ve been reading about the heat up there – so not New England at this time of year!

  2. How wonderful for you to have your daughter’s MIL as friend. No way with my DIL’s mother she is a strange woman and refuses to speak English she wants everybody to be Dutch, not for me !! I can imagine that you both had fun to babysit the children !

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