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Shubi was the funniest dog I ever had. From day one she wanted to sleep. While other puppies were running around, chewing and getting into trouble, there was Shubi, always ready for a nap. We all still miss our little sleeper. Here are some of our favorite pictures of her.

shubi and greta 002
Shubi and baby Greta when Greta first arrived from Germany. Shubi was such a good mother to Greta.

Me with baby Shubi. She was my little snuggle bunny, and the best nap taker a girl could have.

Hubby and Shubi. One of my favorite pictures.

24 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo”

  1. Woot! I’m first! Great sleeping pics Maribeth. I’d better get mine up soon. Just catchin’ up on my bloggin’ buddies. From my point of view those wire haired dachsies are all great sleepers! LOL

  2. I just love the name Shubi! And I’m jealous because my pets refuse to snuggle! Grrr….I wish they were different, but it’s just to hot for their blood! =)

  3. Such pweshus puppi dawgsssss.

    Idnit such a sweet widdle babies.

    Och, can’t help it…that’s what comes out of my mouth!!

  4. Love all the photos, they are all so cute! I really love how affectionately your remember your precious little Shubi, they sure do melt right into your hearts, don’t they! 🙂

  5. Shubi is still in my heart and soul. I also miss her very much. I remember what a good nurse she was when I hit my ankle during our trip with you. She always showed her love to us! I know she looks down from heaven and is happy she still is in our heart! Love Uschi

  6. At a quick first glance I thought that first shot was Bernie and Greta. I laughed out loud thinking of them cozied up after a day of frolicking!

  7. Awww those a such precious pictures and sweet memories 🙂
    Our little dog is in the bed right now with my husband…she sleeps with us every night. She keeps me warm lol!
    Have great Saturday!

  8. Wonderful photos! My Shih Tzu dog used to sleep on my bed with me at night. She had her own pillow and shared the comforter with me :o)

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. I am a total sucker for photos with hubbys and pets!
    I have so many of my hubby covered in kitties, that it takes up a whole hard drive! *S* I love the last one – it is what love is all about!
    Happy Saturday
    Drop by, mine’s up too!

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