How Good is That?

Over the years many people have come and gone in my life. I’m lucky to have a wonderful sister, Mel, who all but raised me when we were growing up. She is 5 years old than me, and due to our mother’s inability to bond with me, she became my surrogate mother. What I know about love and nurturing, I know because of Mel.
My cousin Janet, has always been in my life. She’s just a year older, so I can’t remember a day that she wasn’t a huge part of my world. She helped me to learn to be free. To play with wild abandon, to laugh at the ridiculous and to have the confidence that I was really okay.
I don’t have a friend from my early childhood that is still in my life. However, when I was 13 I went to a Christian summer camp and I met Gail. We had so much in common, and in one week we developed a friendship that has lasted 33 years. She’s family now. A sister. I know she and I will be friends until the end.
It’s funny about this friendship. We’ve never lived close by. Our relationship has been molded through the written word. Even with the advent of computers we still prefer to sit down and write an old fashioned snail-mail letter to share our thoughts. Occasionally we talk on the phone and it’s like we are sitting at the table drinking coffee together. Happily, she is coming to visit in August! I am so happy!!!
It’s always been hard for me to meet people and to form relationships. So when I met Uschi and we began to correspond, I was amazed at how quickly we got to know each other. And I was even more amazed when I began to see how much we shared in thought. After all we grew up in different countries and had no real common experiences. Over the years, we have become sisters. We both know that special feeling of being able to free yourself of heavy thoughts to the other, with the knowledge that you won’t be judged, just understood. When we are lucky enough to get together, it is so wonderful to be able to talk and talk and talk. And so much laughter fills the air.
I am so lucky to have these 4 special women in my life. Each one gives me their unconditional love and acceptance. Think about the special sisters or friends in your life. Isn’t it great to have these special people with you in this crazy world? How good is that?

2 thoughts on “How Good is That?”

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the nice words about ME! I do feel totally blessed that you were born to be my baby (sister) and that I have had you in my life to share all the good times and the not so good time ( and really bad times) with!
    You are a special part of my life and I am so grateful for YOU! Love you always!

  2. When I think of summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think of you. And barbie dolls & bikes & swimming & babysitting & muenster cheese melted on pita bread & Sweet Honesty & ugh, even the Carpenters!

    And remember those cute guys that repaved your driveway at McCallum? Mmmm…oh and remember Tommy & Gary? LOL I think I still have a picture of them!

    love you!

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