ALTON BAY, N.H. (AP) — Officials say a small airplane making a landing in New Hampshire spun out during its landing.

The plane flying in from Connecticut spun out while landing at Alton Bay Ice Runway Sunday morning. WMUR-TV reports the plane crashed into a snowbank, but the pilot and two passengers were not hurt.

The plane’s nose and propeller were significantly damaged.

Crews pulled the plane off the ice Monday morning.

And so when we were driving home from the Veterinarian yesterday we saw the plane in question sitting in a parking lot. I just had to stop and snap a couple of pictures.

The prop took a hit!

The nose gear was repaired enough to tow it off the ice.


Alton Bay is unique for a winter runway. Once the ice is solid, the runway is open until ice-out. Then it goes back to being a seaplane base.

From Wikki: Alton Bay Seaplane Base has one seaplane landing area designated 1/19 and measuring 2,600 x 100 feet (792 x 30 m). For the 12-month period ending 31 December 2011, the airport had 600 general aviation aircraft operations, an average of 50 per month.

During the winter months, the base may seasonally open an ice runway instead of the normal seaplane landing area. This is the only FAA approved ice runway in the contiguous United States. The earliest the ice runway has opened is January 10. It is required to close no later than March 15.

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