A New Chair For The Dackels

On Friday I mentioned to Jack that they were having a President’s Day Sale at our local furniture store. It’s a family owned business and I’ve been buying from them for many years.

In fact, the daughter of one of the Owners helped deliver Greta’s second litter of puppies, all those years ago.

So after getting the mail, and picking up a part for our snow blower, we went to Ippolito’s Furniture. We were paired up with a nice young man, Josh, who went with us up to the recliner section of the store.

I knew I wanted a small loveseat with recliners on both sides. This is a prerequisite due to the two dackels who like to sit with me in my chair. And I wanted a mechanism that would not break as my last chair did.

I looked at a few, which had sale prices, but quite honestly, they were ugly! I was trying to convince myself that I would be happy with one of those (cheaper) ones when I accidentally sat down on a small cream colored loveseat. I say accidentally because I never sit down on anything that I am not planning to buy, and this seat was not on my list. But as I sat there, it felt so comfortable. The reclining mechanism is electric and it moves smoothly and it even has an adjustment for the neck!

It was an “as is”, floor sample that was half price! Be still my heart. It was made in the USA from a company called Southern Motion in Pontotoc, Mississippi.


The leather is as soft as butter and when I sit on the loveseat my neck and back felt gently supported.

It still cost more than I had wanted to spend, even with the discount, but I could not walk away from it. I decided that I didn’t just want this loveseat, I needed it!

They were not sure when they could deliver, despite the fact that we live a mile from the store, but I mentioned this and also how I knew the family. Papers were signed, my SkyMiles card was used for the purchase, and off we drove.

This morning at 8:45 AM the delivery team called and at 9:30 AM the guys arrived with my new seat! Between their call and their arrival, I managed a shower and I did a quick vacuuming.

They removed my old, broken down loveseat and brought the new one in, placed it for me, and plugged her in!


Arnie jumped right up after I put on the blanket to protect the seat from dackel nails and he wholeheartedly approves. The only thing that freaks him out is the electronic part. Every time I put my feet up or down, Arnie stops, watches and looks at me quizzically.

I am thrilled though and have enjoyed the comfort that this seat has provided me off and on during the day. Yay!

And since this is my Birthday – Christmas -Valentine’s Day gift I say Thank You to my dear Jack!

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  1. The new sofa looks very comfortable. I had to laugh at the dogs sitting on the armrests of the sofa. My cats do that too. Enjoy the rest.

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