Christmas Is Coming!

On Saturday I decided I needed to venture out. Once again I bundled up, covered my face, and steered clear of people!

I got three packages in the mail and several Christmas cards. We popped over to the grocery store. I purchased a container of Eggnog as during the holiday season I enjoy eggnog mixed with Spiced Rum. And right now, I am allowing myself some holiday comfort foods as I recover.

I worked a little more at wrapping gifts. I do a few and then take a break. This means that my packages actually look good!


I was pretty much done with my shopping and then today I saw two gifts that I had to buy! They will be here on Tuesday. Now I am done!

I go to my Primary Care Doctor on Monday to get rechecked. I’m glad I am going because I want to make sure that this germ is really and truly going away.

3f751f12-bdc4-4ca6-8e16-0a3d9fe1ce2d_1.44f4dfb4e86e780094c5cd3f04e41e1dI wish you all a wonderful Sunday and as the days leading up to Christmas pass remember to take a little time and enjoy all the beauty around us.

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