I want to invite you all to the First Cyber Cruise sponsored by my friend Mrs. LifeCruiser. It has started over on her site. I hope you will join us. I will be doing the Alaska leg of the cruise on March 22nd.
The Cyber Cruise Scheduled ports

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  1. So it’s here youre hiding out, in your cabin! Stop that make up now, its time for the evenings festivities 🙂

    We miss you 🙂

    “All men on deck” in Oslo!

  2. I’m so much looking forward to visit you and to explore more about your country and what you’ll showing us!
    We had a great day in Oslo today and tomorrow we are in Waterloo with Gattina. See you around:-)

  3. Cruise just stopped at the Lion of Waterloo and he roars ! Leave little Dackel in your cabin and hurry to first get some nice drinks. I hope you have good shoes and legs you have to climb 257 steps to say hello to the Lion !!

  4. Thanks for your comment on “my” Waterloo, hope your knees are not shaking too much from climbing on the hill and kissing the lion ! I finally could arrange my blog, Bloogle Glogger recovered from his hangover !

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