I Can Do This!

As you all know, I returned to WW Class on January 1st, 2020. My New Years Resolution was to stick to the plan and lose the weight I need to so that I can get my health back.

In the three weeks, I have stuck to the plan 100%. No cheating, no overeating, and I have done very well. In fact, I am so encouraged that it is actually making it easier to stay on plan, and I feel I have fallen into a good routine.

Here is what I have done since January 1st!

83889511_10158021913061499_8485959463897923584_oI’m feeling good and I started to anticipate things in my mind. For instance, if I can lose 15 pounds a month…

But, I quickly reined in my thoughts and said to myself, “Not so fast, Maribeth. I need to simply take it one day at a time”.

I’m also thinking about things differently. I’m making these changes in my eating because it is healthier for me.

54ba4335d35eefea401e34b6db36510eReally I feel pretty good about the whole thing. No, I feel very good! This is working out nicely. I will keep you all posted!

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