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My Hobby is raising my dachshunds. It was always a dream of mine and this past December I helped Greta deliver her first litter.

Dec 10 015
The puppy on the far right is Anneliese. This was immediately after the puppies were born.

Jan. 21 Mon and Arnie
Greta with Arnie as a young puppy.

Jan. 18 001
Greta and Anneliese as a young puppy.

Me with Anneliese.

The best part of raising a litter is the instant bonding you have with the babies. It is truly incredible!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo”

  1. I love your “hobby”! Your hobby is what led us to our sweet little dachshund. I cannot even imagine life without her now, it is like she was always meant to be with us. I love the progression you showed, from their birth to becoming little puppies full of zest and their own unique personalities. I agree with
    goofy girl, your photos, stories and videos make us smile, and I thank you for that!

  2. Oh, my, they are so adorable. Totally impossible to resist!

    Are they coming with you to the ball? So, were are you? Having problem with the ball dress? Need any help choosing or maybe to pull up the zipper? Or to giggle over some bubble water while doing the make up?

    If you’re not really up to partying, you can still lay on a divan and let us bring you all the nice food and drinks…. *lol*

  3. Maribeth, thank you for visiting my photo this weekend sweetie! I am off (from Michigan)in California visiting my twin for 3 weeks, and she has this prehistoric dial up, it took me two nights to connect to your blog! Thank you for being a regular to my photo hunt! I just love seeing your photos of your babies!

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