Just Another Quarantine Day


My week started with me going off to run errands. The usual, Post Office, Bank, Grocery Store, and Gas Station. Most cases were the usual things, and yes, I used protective gear everywhere I went. But I think it irks me when I see people blatantly ignoring the rules.

Maybe they think, who cares? Maybe they don’t care if they get the Virus? But wait, what if they are asymptomatic and they give the blasted thing to me, and then eventually Jack!

Case in point, we are supposed to wear at least a mask when in a public place. Grocery shopping is to be done by one family member. And the six feet of separation should be met at all times.

Well, the Post Office was fine. Local people and they are abiding the rules set out by our Governor. Bank, was a drive-through. Also good.

The Grocery Store, well, yes and no. I saw a young couple get out of their car, with Massachusetts plates. Neither of them had face coverings, or gloves or anything.

Now she was tall and skinny and had not dressed for this trip. Okay, I don’t mean to be snarky, but she had tight torn jeans on (I know they are the in style right now) and she had a jersey half shirt on.


Each time she reached up to get a box of something on the shelf, well, let’s just say there was nothing left to the imagination!

They both wandered around like they were the only two people in the store, and it was tough to stay away from them.

I had a shortlist and I was able to pop around the store tossing things into my cart. They had everything I needed, which was a first.

Today a woman I know named Julie was at the checkout, and before I know it she had my groceries checked out and packed and I was out of the store and into the parking lot.

Getting home, I brought in the food and supplies and wiped them down and then hit the shower, Oh that felt so nice!

Best of all, my wonderful eggplant was in and I was able to stock up.

My favorite lunch is a small garden salad and roasted eggplant! I guess you know what I will be eating all week!

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  1. Was it the 80s or 90s when ripped jeans were fashionable? I can’t remember but I wore them. Now I feel like offering money to people who are so poor they have to wear ripped jeans.

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