It’s All In A Day’s Work

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and are full of energy?

I know, I don’t have them very often either, but today I felt really good and really motivated! I fixed Hubby’s breakfast early, and before my second cup of coffee, I had stripped the bed, and started the laundry. I also began putting things away. Now this is truly a miracle. Quite often I will be looking at something, and a puppy will whine near the door and I drop what I am doing and rush out the door. When I return I completely forget what it is I have been doing or was holding and it sits in the exact same spot for…a while.

Today I was clearing shelves, putting magazines in the used bin, and I even got down and cleaned the fire place for the summer. By noon I’d gotten so much done that I was actually scaring myself.

Was I sick?

Now before you all think I am a total slob, let me tell you that I like to think of myself as a comfortably neat housekeeper. My home is always clean, but often has that lived in look.

The afternoon was so beautiful that I decided that this was a good time to re-pot my tomato plants. I grow my tomatoes in the green house. I grow them in large pots. So today I took the foot tall plants and put them in new pots with nice rich soil.

I sat down on the patio watching the puppies play with Greta and Fritz and drank a tall lemon water. They were still full of energy and racing around the back yard. It was about that time that I began to wind down, but dinner was still ahead of me.

May 22 012
Anneliese, Greta and Arnie in front of the Gala apple tree in our yard. That is our neighbor’s home in the background.

I tried a new recipe for Haddock (quite good actually) and then once the dishes were done and the puppies walked again, I found myself in a hot shower rinsing away all the dirt from my day.

I’ve got my dachshund pajamas on, the remote control all to myself because Hubby is at a meeting, and the makings of a beautiful sunset across the lake in the next hour to enjoy. What a great way to end this day.

See? I was right. The sunset was beautiful!
May 23 001

10 thoughts on “It’s All In A Day’s Work”

  1. I don’t know what happened to me, but since a year I have become a morning person (first time in my life, lol ) I wake up at 4 or 5 am (!!) like a farmer’s wife and jump out of my bed full of energy ! It’s usually my writing and computer time before I affront household stuff ! I am probably crazy but what should I do, being angry at myself every day ? So I just leave it and I am not even tired during the day and go to bed usually between 10 – 11 !
    BTW your dogs have such nice original names I adopted a little female kitten yesterday and now ask everybody to give me a name idea (it’s written on my cat & funny story blog) Any suggestions ?

  2. I need one of those days…but mainly because I have been sorting old pics out and need to put everything neatly in place now! I also think I am a comfortably neat housekeeper, have to remember that expression!

  3. Hi Mom,
    Gorgeous sunset picture, and so nice that you had such a productive day. I love those!
    Hope you enjoy today–looks to be another beautiful one!
    Lots of Love,

  4. That’s one stunning sunset… Dreamy. It’s moment like that, that really makes me feel small comparing to the grand nature.

    Pssst. you’ve been tagged – with Link Love…

  5. I’m so far behind in housework that I could use a day full of energy! Glad you were able to get so much done!

    An Island Life

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