The Friday Five ~ August 7th

The Friday Five

The week was a busy one for us. It seemed each day was planned around an activity or two. Some good and some sad. So here goes.

  1. My week started off with me being exactly two-tenths of a pound away from a total weight loss of 50 pounds! It sort of hit me that all my planning and hard work have paid off. I’m just about 20 pounds from my goal weight!
  2. My weekly meeting with my friends was a very good one! We all sort of unofficially drafted Holly to be our Leader. I have to tell you, she is a born leader and she is doing a wonderful job keeping us focused on our weight loss journey! I have known Holly since 2008 and consider her one of my very special friends.
  3. I had to take Arnie and Anneliese in for their re-checks. Arnie had to have blood drawn and it’s been sent away.50084565102_5f947152a3_3kArnie has made quite a good recovery from Lepto and he is back to his spunky self!
  4. Anneliese needed her urine checked and again she has another UTI. We’re all at a loss as to why, but Anneliese’s medical history (many UTIs and of course the breast cancer, not to mention being nearly blind), so the Vet and I decided that she will go on antibiotics indefinitely.Anneliese copyWe will keep her comfortable and do what we can to make her last months on earth really good ones. At nearly 14 we feel so lucky that we have had her all of this time!
  5. And today I am off to see my Glaucoma Doctor. I have not been in since Covid-19 all began, but I need my pressures checked. After that, I will be driving to my daughter’s home to spend the night! I foresee lots of pool time with my two grandchildren!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ August 7th”

  1. I worked as a vet tech at the U of Penn vet hospital for many years. One vet had a patient with a long history of UTI’s. She put the dog on a low dose of antibiotic (it was Clavamox) at bedtime only. The theory was that the antibiotic would prevent the urine that collects in the bladder overnight from growing bacteria. It seemed to work well; many followup urine cultures were clean. She also had the owner give the dog cranberry capsules, as a “Can’t hurt, might help, why not try it” idea.

  2. We used to give our disabled dachsie liquid cranberry with her meals – the kind with no sugar added, of course – and organic. It really seemed to help to prevent UTI’s

  3. Seeing your grandchildren will be so good for you. Cranberry juice as a prevention for UTIs in humans has pretty well been discredited now. Like with fish oil, the quantity needed to make a difference makes it not practical.

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