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The other day I read that the US Postal Service could be in trouble. I have dealt with the Post Office for the last 21 years on an almost daily basis, and aside from a few flukes, my service has always been the best.

A could of years ago they introduced Informed Delivery. Each morning I get an email showing me what is in my mailbox uptown. I love this because during the biggest part of the lock-down here against Covid-19 I would look at what was in my mailbox and either decide to go and get the mail, or wait.

Well on Monday morning I saw that the reimbursement check from the Canine Vaccine Company was in my mailbox. So, I planned to go, get the check, and deposit it int he bank before getting my fresh veggies.

I asked if it had somehow gotten lost and after a look out back they said I should come tomorrow. I was so disappointed.

Most of the time I do not care about when the mail arrives. But today I did and it just ticked me off.

I still believe that the USPS is one of the better Posts in the World, but do I think we should rely on them for this election? No, no I do not.

The way things stand, there is no accurite way to do this. I think it would be better to either do absentee voting or just bite the bullit and go and vote. After all, I have watched protesters and rioters out on the streets with almost no masks and the world has not come to an end.

This is an important election. For goodness sake, get out there and vote. There are simply no excuses.

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  1. I read that you have some kind of priority mail service and that if it is a mail voting election, all voting would be by priority mail. But I am a long way away and you know the local situation.

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