The Weekend Wrap August 24th

weekend wrap 1

One can dream of sleepy, lazy, weekends, but for me, it is rarely the case. Both days I was up exceptionally early, and I was working on Jack’s computer both days.

How I would love to back up his machine and do a total wipe of his hard drive and start again. Now that I know how to do it within Windows 10, I am happy to do it, again and again, to keep in practice. Quite honestly, Jack’s computer is a programming disaster, and one day I will have to do it.

I cooked and stopped the beds and then did some sewing. Miraculously, I got it all done.

I even read for a while. A good book, about Carrie Mathison before the start of the series Homeland. It’s kind of a prequel.
reading_dog_644_350autoThe week ahead will be a quiet one. I have no appointments, and simply need to go out and buy some fresh vegetable for the week. Other than that, I am good.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy these last summer days. September is almost upon us!


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