A Laid Back Weekend

When I woke on Saturday morning, I made the coffee, fed and walked the dogs and then grabbed my cup of the warm brew and sat down.

Friday night Jack had mentioned that Firefox was getting to be unusable for him. It seemed every update changed the program enough so that he was having trouble adapting.

I have disliked Firefox for a few years now and had previously switched to Chrome, which I really like and find easy to use. I offered to install it on his machine and set it up for him.

So while Jack slept I spent about 45 minutes installing it for him and setting it all up. By the time he woke, it was all done. We have now gotten through one complete day without a complaint. Alleluia!

After making my breakfast, I stood in the kitchen and chopped and planned for the dinner meal tonight. We’re having a vegetable and shrimp stir-fry. Yum!

I also did all the prep work for my lunch of salad and a tuna-fish wrap. While everything chilled, I checked my own email and did some computer housework to keep everything in order.

Then it was movie time. As the rain came upon us, we watched a Bruce Willis movie called Striking Distance.


It was from 1993 and it was okay, but would never be up for any awards.

But the next movie, “RED” came on (another Bruce Willis movie) and this one I like a lot.


I have seen it a bunch of times but always enjoy it. I guess I am a Bruce Willis fan.

Motorcycle Week has started. I can tell by the constant hum of bikes going by on the main road, and from the numerous accident reports coming across Granite State Alerts.

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

Maribeth Dackel

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