The Friday Five October 16th

The Friday FiveWhat a beautiful week it has been. Despite a little rain, the leaves are still bright and the skies returned to blue. Yes, a lovely Autumn we are having. So, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I’ll start with the weather as that has been rather crazy. We’ve had several touches of frost, a lot of rain, and then beautiful warmth with blue skies. Not bad for the middle of October!
  2. Because I get bored easily, I decided to crochet another afghan. I let Savannah pick out the yarn and in the end, she will probably get it. I am working on it when I sit to watch the TV and the yarn is soft, chunky, and will make a wonderful, cuddly, blanket.
  3. I had a strange week on the diet front. I was doing everything right and managed to gain a small amount.scale-cartoon1I was upset at first, and I weighed myself several times to be sure it was correct, and it was. Ugh! At first, I was upset, and then I decided to look back in my food journals and then see what I was eating. I have made a few adjustments and I hope to see some movement on Tuesday!
  4. I received my small 5-inch cast iron pans. Many people use them to make big chocolate chip cookies, but I have made baked apples in them and they have been great!
  5. Thursday I loaded up the car with all the garbage and took a trip to the Recycling Center. Arnie rode along with me and we had a great time! Now that is done, I was able to clean the garbage cans and my garage is also smelling sweet. Well, like bleach, but that’s a vast improvement!

So, my gentle readers, I hope that you can enjoy the weekend. Stay safe, and enjoy the little things in your life. Hopefully, this darn Virus will be over soon!

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